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Topological transform of singular points?

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    Are singular points necessarily mapped to singular points under topological transformations? A specific example would a 2-space deformation of a triangle to any closed string with no cross over points. Would the three singular points of the triangle be necessarily mapped to three singular points on the closed string?
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    I'm not a professional mathematician or student. Nevertheless I believe I have a legitimate question and practical reasons for knowing the answer. My readings have thrown some light on the question but I would still appreciate an answer:

    A triangle is smoothly deformed to a closed loop string without cross over points in 2 space.

    Will the three singular points:

    1. Be necessarily be mapped to three singular points on the string?

    2. If not, can they be mapped to just one or two points on the string?

    I am not interested in annihilation techniques other "treatments" of singular points in topological transformations. I stongly suspect #2 is correct, but I would like confirmation.
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