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Homework Help: Torque at certain points (equilibrium)

  1. Oct 17, 2011 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/7360/torques.png [Broken]

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    2. Relevant equations

    sum forces up = sum forces down

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I'm just not understanding how I would find torque at point B? or whether or not point A is the same? i'm assuming it isn't since the distances are different (the lever arms?)

    I don't really know what to think when starting however

    F1+F2 = Fg

    but in terms of the torque I don't know how to find F1 or F2
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  3. Oct 17, 2011 #2
    To find torque you need some reference axis. So for example it would make sense to find the torque due to F2 about A. Asking to "find F1 and F2 at A" doesn't make sense. Is this the question as given or your interpretation of it? Also the torque only sums to zero if the beam is stationary which you don't specify.
  4. Oct 18, 2011 #3
    Thanks, yeah I need to take a reference point, which was A, I got it.
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