Torsion-free simple linear group

  1. im having my undergrad math thesis right now, and the topic that i want to choose is the existence of torsion-free simple linear groups. (which i found here: http:///

    i just want to know if this topic is recommended for undergrad?
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  3. The link is broken\doesn't exist. Check it, please

    About the subject: it sounds interesting but difficult. Right now I can't think of one single example that fulfills all the conditions, so I guess any such must be a rather vicious one.

    Anyway, the books by Wehrfritz, Humphreys, Shafarevich-Kostrikin or Springer are important to check. In particular, and since you may also want to consider topological groups and not merely abstract, discrete ones, Humphreys makes a nice observation: an almost simple algebraic group G (i.e., without closed connected normal subgroups except the trivial ones) is such that G/Z(G) is ALWAYS simple in the usual, abstract sense.

  4. here's the link sir

    i agree with you sir when it comes to difficulty. my professor said that its a suicide for a graduating student to choose such topic. well anyway, thank you sir for your reply. btw, i enjoy reading the book of Shafarevich-Kostrikin.
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