Touch pad of hp probook 4530s not working properly

  1. Dear Fellow,

    I have purchased new hp probook 4530s finding problem in its touchpad, it is working properly for off/on function, it is working properly for curser to move through the screen, but to scroll the page up and down is not working properly two yesterday I reinstalled window 7 home premium 64 bit in my system.

    I installed synaptics driver for touchpad 15.3.25 but still same issue. in previous window it was working properly.

    If I uninstall synaptic and let window to find compatible driver then on/off fuction is not working while scrolling/browsing works properly.

    can any one help me sorting out the issue what I need to b doing ????
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Ha, it's that just always how it works! Sorry hear your troubles! Given this information it certainly seems like a software problem. Have you called HP tech support yet?
  4. before yesterday I was having window xp in my hp probook, at that time it was working perfectly but now strange behavior some time moves vertically some times horizontally and some times zooming start
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