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Schools Track One to Engineering Science at University of Toronto

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    Hello everyone,

    This year I am going to Track One engineering at U of T. I chose Engineering Science, but I didn't get in. On some other forum I have found one person, who said that people can switch to EngSci after TrackOne if they have a very high average. On the U of T website it says that such thing is not possible. Can anyone confirm that?

    Thank you very much, have a great day!
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    Why don't you check with the university? And by that I don't mean just the website, ring up the registrar, the Faculty of Science or whoever is in charge of these things. It will be, after all, the most reliable source. Even if someone here tells you it's possible and they later say no, you're not going to be able to cite PF as an authority on the matter.
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    Yes it is possible if you have high grades. That is the point of Track One! It is meant to give you a brief peek into different engineeing disciplines and then make a choice.

    You cannot graduate as a Track-One engineering student you have to move to either mech, electrical, civil... etc after first year.
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    From my understanding is that you cannot switch to engsci. Track one is meant to switch to all other engineering other than engsci.

    Engsci even take more courses than track one. It is VERY unlikely you'll be able to switch from track one to engsci in second year.

    It would be a good idea to check with the university as Ryker said.
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    TrackOne was meant to be a general first year engineering study that gave 2nd year access to all engineering programs (chem, civil, computer...) expect for the Engineering Science.

    If you to page 11 of this Prospective Student Guide for engineers, you will see a neat diagram of how it works.
    http://www.discover.uoftengineering.com/pdf/UT_engineering_prospective_student_guide.pdf [Broken]

    Also, here are the courses of each program to show why TrackOne cannot replace the first year of Engineering Science.

    From http://www.undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca/Assets/UndergradEng+Digital+Assets/calendar1011/Chapter+7.pdf [Broken]

    TrackOne Year
    Engineering Strategies & Practice I - APS111H1 F
    Ethics in Engineering - APS150H1 F
    Mechanics - CIV100H1 F
    Calculus A - MAT196H1 F
    Linear Algebra - MAT188H1 F
    Computer Fundamentals - APS105H1 F

    Engineering Strategies & Practice II - APS112H1 S
    Calculus B - MAT197H1 S
    Introduction to Materials and Chemistry - PS104H1 S
    Dynamics - MIE100H1 S
    Electrical Fundamentals - ECE110H1 S
    Introduction to Engineering - APS191H1 S

    Structures and Materials - An Introduction to Engineering Design - CIV102H1 F
    Praxis I - ESC101H1 F
    Engineering Mathematics and Computation - ESC103H1 F
    Calculus I - MAT194H1 F
    Classical Mechanics - PHY180H1 F
    and one of:
    Introduction to Computer Programming - CSC180H1 F
    Computer Programming, Algorithms, Data Structures and Languages - CSC192H1 F

    Systems Biology - BME105H1 S
    Fundamentals of Electric Circuits - ECE159H1 S
    Praxis II - ESC102H1 S
    Linear Algebra - MAT185H1 S
    Calculus II - MAT195H1 S
    and one of:
    Computer Algorithms, Data Structures and Languages - CSC190H1 S
    Free Elective
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    Ok, thank you very much for all of your responses, I will ask the univeristy about this. I was wandering if anyone was able to do that, but it seems impossible. Anyway, thanks a lot.
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