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Transcriptional vs. translational fusion

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    What is the difference between transcriptional and translational fusion?

    As I understand it, transcriptional fusion places a reporter, like lacZ, downstream of the promoter of your gene of interest (so it does not include your entire gene). Is this the same thing in a translational fusion?

    What data does translational fusion give you that transcriptional fusion doesn't? The way I have come to understand it, the transcriptional fusion will still allow for B-gal to be translated and then you can measure its activity to determine relative transcription levels.... is this anywhere near correct?

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    With a transcriptional fusion you tag a reporter after a promoter of interest, thus you can measure the transcriptional activity of the promoter. With a translational fusion you tag your protein of interest, which means you can analyze its localization within a cell and also learn more about its actual expression levels (since protein levels are regulated on many different levels, not only promoter activity).
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