Transfer requirements of UIUC?

Transfer requirements of UIUC??

I am attending kankakee community college in kankakee illinois.
I will have an accociates in engineering science when i complete the whole curriculum.

I am wondering what classes are needed to transfer to the univeristy of illinois.
Alot of people are saying you need 3 credits of spanish so they cant get in, and all kinds of things. Talking about how impossible it is to transfer to this college.

I am looking to go into nuclear engineering there, if someone could give me a guideline of what i should do and which classes i need other than the ones im taking now to increase my chances of transfering there.

Engineering Science (10 courses) Credit hours: 35
Complete all four sub-requirements:
1. Computer Science - 3 credit hours
* COSC 2613 - Computer Programming for Science and Engineering
2. Engineering - 12 credit hours
* ENGR 1513 - Engineering Graphics
* ENGR 1613 - Statics
* ENGR 1623 - Dynamics
* ENGR 2613 - Electrical Circuits and Networks
3. Mathematics - 8 credit hours
* MATH 2535 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
* MATH 2613 - Differential Equations
4. Physics - 12 credit hours
* PHYS 2614 - Physics I
* PHYS 2624 - Physics II
* PHYS 2634 - Physics III
Communications General Education (2 courses) Credit hours: 6
Both courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
* ENGL 1613 - English I
* ENGL 1623 - English II
Laboratory Science General Education (2 courses) Credit hours: 8
* CHEM 1514 - General Chemistry I
* CHEM 1524 - General Chemistry II
Mathematics General Education (2 courses) Credit hours: 8
* MATH 2515 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
* MATH 2523 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry II

Humanities General Education (1 course) Credit hours: 3

Social and Behavioral Science (2 courses) Credit hours: 6

This is the schedule i will have completed when i try and transfer.
What other classes will i need?
What other classes will help?
What can i do to get in!
Re: Transfer requirements of UIUC??

I don't mean to sound harsh here, but with such a specific question you really do need to call/e-mail/visit the University of Illinois and talk to somebody in Undergraduate Education (or their similarly-named administrative unit) rather than solicit advice on the internet.


Re: Transfer requirements of UIUC??

Have you at least looked on the UIUC web site for the official requirements for transfer students? Surely they must have something online.
Re: Transfer requirements of UIUC??

Was banking on someone here might have gone there. Its very high ranked, if not #1 in the nation. If they went for Nuke then they would know exactly the answer. But yes im doing research on my own of course. More information from anybody cant hurt.


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Re: Transfer requirements of UIUC??

I would strongly suggest getting an appointment with an advisor at the university. Requirements/expectations may have changed since whomever responds here attended classes. The advisor will also be of more help with the specific's of your schedule.

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