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Transferring to 4-year from CC, want to change major

  1. Mar 2, 2015 #1
    Transferring to 4-year from CC, and I want to change my program of study from computer science to modeling & simulation engineering. I would like to do this while still achieving my bachelor's in a reasonable time-frame.

    I have been admitted to the university of my choice, but I have not been to the campus. Orientation for transfer students (for the summer semester) is this month. Who should I talk to for transferring to a different program of study? Will it affect my transcript evaluation, once I finish this semester? I loathe the possibility of repeating courses.

    As for my reasons... for a while now, I've not been enthused about work after computer science. It seems a lot of people who go into that field end up as programmers in industry, something I'm actually not too interested in.

    That is to say, I love when I'm working on difficult, theoretical, and challenging projects... Not projects where the only difficulty arises from paradoxical customer desires and bureaucratic inefficiency. I don't want to be a programmer who has never used algorithms in their career.

    Time is valuable, and I'd like to be doing meaningful work. I'm not sure if that's possible, or more likely, in this field... but I'm willing to try.
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    Talk to both departments at the university. Chances are you will be fine and nearly all the classes will be transferred. However, you may need to take an additional 2-3 classes, which will force you to take a heavy classload of 1 class per semester for 2-3 semesters or perhaps needing a full extra semester. That means you get out in 4 1/2 years instead of 4. That happens to a lot of college students. Or, tough it out with an extra class, at the risk of academic burn out.

    Talk to an advisor, you are in good shape it sounds to me, although I do suggest you take classes this next semester that can apply to either program and then decide which area you want to pursue. You could just find an entirely new field now that you are at a major university that you want to explore.
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    I'm already going to go into advanced data algorithms this summer, which is a requirement for both. The notions that I still have time and can 'sit on the fence' for a while is reassuring. Thank you for the advice.
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