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Transforming parabola to straight line

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    To the moderator: This isn't a HW question, but it probably sounds like one, so I appologize. Please move this to the HW forum if need be.

    I have an integration domain inside three intersecting curves. Two of the curves are straightlines and the third is a parabola. These three boundaries are of the form

    \, \qquad
    \, \qquad

    where A and B are arbitrary constant slopes > 4.
    I want to transform the boundary of this domain into a triangle, as simply as possible. Any hints?
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    You don't just want to turn the parabola into a straight line, you want to keep the other straight lines as straight lines as well.
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    Correct. I already know how to straighten the parabola, e.g. u=(1+x)^2; that's trivial.

    BTW, I don't care about the Jacobian; my #1 priority is straight boundaries for the domain of integration.
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