Transition from a technology degree to Masters in science?

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Hi everyone. I am looking for some insight on going from Electrical Engineering Technician with a Bachelors in Technology to getting a Masters in Science for Electrical Engineering.

I would like some thoughts on:

How hard will the transition be?
What challenges might I face?
Will it be completely different from engineering technology?

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It will definitely be quite different!!

It will be vastly more math intensive than anything in a Tech degree. Also, I suspect that before you get into MS level work, there will be the need to complete a good bit of undergraduate engineering work.

Look at the undergraduate curriculum at the school and see how much of it you honestly think you could pass by advanced placement. Whatever you cannot, you would surely need to take. Whatever you think you could get by advanced placement, you may be asked to do that.

Be realistic about what you are jumping into!! This is not going to be a picnic.
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It depends on whether your existing training has got the right class work. Look at some possible schools you might like to attend. Google them to get info about what they have for entrance requirements. Contact their graduate program advisors and find out what you will need. It would be pretty annoying to apply to a bunch of schools only to be told you needed more calculus or something.

If there are small issues like one or two classes, maybe you can pick those up in summer school or something. Or maybe take an extra class at the school you want to do a degree at. On the other hand, maybe you would need to take huge amounts of math that you don't have. Or maybe some schools simply won't look at you, the stuck up a-holes that they are.

I'm guessing that engineering tech is heavily weighted to hands-on, lab time, writing computer progs, building equipment, and such. Depending on what school and what program you attend, you might fit right in. Or you could be fish-out-of-water and hate it. Scope it out. Get on that email and ask them what the situation is in schools you might like to attend.
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Thanks for your input guys.

@DEvens that's a good idea (contacting schools of interest). I was planing on taking higher math classes such as differential equations and linear algebra as electives because they are not required for my degree. I was looking around at other schools BSEE curriculums and trying to make mine a bit of a mixture of both in hopes that it would help if and or when i decide to go for my masters. I now for a fact there are going to be pre-reqs that i would have to take but i guess it all depends on the institution.

The main reason I am considering going for my masters in the future is because engineering tech does seem to be more limited than electrical engineers when i look up jobs. But i would like to have the options to work with technical work and design/theoretical work.

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