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Transition from Computer Science to Physics?

  1. Jul 25, 2011 #1
    Hi all I'm just curious about what a switch like this one entail.

    Currently I'm 1 1/2 way through my education at a local community college. Here is a short background on where I stand on this earth (not physically!).

    I just recently began to become motivated and interested in educating myself (after years of slacking & doing the bear minimum throughout my high school education). I jumped right into calculus (the last real math class I took was algebra 2 in high school, and I never did any homework or put any effort in through all the significant education up to that point). I also took Data Structures (I took the pre-requisite for college credits from an incompetent teacher my freshman year in H.S.). Also I took Discrete Math. I did well in all of my classes and I believe my average for the semester came out to be a B+.

    I found that it was a lot work to not only pass these classes but to try to excel. However I put the work in and I realized that I love learning and I have been ignorant of my true nature up until now(sorry for all this long introspection, but I really want to iterate the point that I WANT to learn).

    Now flash forward to this summer and I have been reading a lot at my spare time at work. I recently read a biography on Einstein's life and I realized that we have a lot in common. Since then I've read another book on quantum mechanics and found it incredibly interesting.

    Basicly I've made it up in my mind that I want to be a physicist.. I want to contribute something to society and meet my true potential in the process, but I need to know what steps I need to take (I feel like my time to get on track is short.. I'm already 20, and there will be a lot of school ahead of me). So if someone could help point me in the right direction and let me know what the change from C.S. to Physics will be like that would be amazing!

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    So because you and einstein MIGHT have alot in common, you're going to be a physicist? So because you read a book on quantum mechanics, you're going to become a physicist? I see something terribly wrong with this picture. Why not take some physics classes first and see if you actually like it? I don't understand these threads.
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    I agree with Kramer here. You should actually take classes to see if you like physics. It will likely be much different that what you have imagined, and is certainly much different than those books for the masses.
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