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Transition temperature of YBaCuO

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    Sorry to be a pain but I can't find what I'm looking for on the internet and our lab is locked.

    I need to know the accepted transtition temperature for Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide (YBa2Cu3O(7-x)

    Is anyone able to give me a figure or ideally point me in the direction of a web resource that has it?

    I know this depends on exactly how much oxygen is in the sample, but is there a "general" value? My sample has T=91K but I'd like to compare this to what would be expected.

    Kind Regards

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    The accepted bulk value of optimally doped YBCO is 92K (some report 93K, but more accurate measurements tend to give a value closer to 92K).

    91K would be a good value for e.g. a relatively thick film.
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    91K is a reasonable value for a bulk sample, but high for a thin film.
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    Thanks guys,

    This was determined for just under 1g of YBaCuO, so I'm fairly happy with that result.

    Much Appreciated!
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