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Tri-Achnid, an Adobe flash physics-based game

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    Tri-Achnid, an Adobe flash physics-based game

    I just think that this is the best piece of media I have seen in a very long time. It is hard to maneuver your tri-achnid at first but it is cocaine once you get the hang of it. Once you start using webs and figure out how to fly, you just feel like you should record a video of your triachnid moving. It is just that beautiful.
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    I don't really get this game, but MAN do I love the music for it.
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    Holy crap. When you start being able to run really well, it looks amazing.
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    very cool, I gave up after the water level though
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    You can fly in the second level or the sixth level if you catch a blue bug and hold it in your mouth, then pick your feet off the ground. Be careful though because it is hard to control and you might fly into something dangerous, and keep a tether to the ground at all times.
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