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TRIPLE INTEGRALS - How do I do this -I cannot draw at all

  1. Mar 10, 2009 #1
    I really cant draw at all, so usually i just imagine the figures in my head and then do it

    and then I usually imagine a slice perpedicular to some axis (eg x) take the double integral T

    (x) over the slice and then integrate that over x.

    The Region is bounded by the siz planes z=1 z=2 y=0 y=z x=0 x=y+z

    I know it looks pretty obvious and I might that it should be

    1<z<2 0<y<z and 0<x<y+z theres my integral,

    but any tips or suggestions on drawing or seeing which way to iterate better ? ive tried ...I

    cannot draw this in any way ...

    Please help
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    actually I can easily visualize the first 5 planes in my head, but when i try to combine the last one it creates confusion and I cant do it ...

    y+z=x ...idk how to draw or visualize something like this
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    I know how it should look -its a plane -then I get 3 lines y=x y=x z=-y ...

    but when I try to draw them ...I cant see the plane
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    I don't know how to how to help you visualize it but the limits on your integral are correct.
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