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Medical Trivalent vs. Quadrivalent Flu Vaccines This Year

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    I try to get my flu shot early each year because of my medical work, and I got mine a couple of days ago. The pharmacy only had Trivalent vaccine, so that's what I got. But looking into the Quadrivalent vaccine, it looks like the extra protection (against both B strains) might have been worth trying to find a pharmacy that stocked it.

    Do folks know how common it is to get the Quadrivalent vaccine this year versus the Trivalent vaccine? Are both typically available in most years, or is the Quadrivalent vaccine a newer idea?

    My engineering company is setting up vaccinations for employees (a nice perk), and they are trying to decide which version to request. The Trivalent vaccinations are $25 each, and the Quadrivalent vaccinations are $35 each. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Your insurance doesn't pay for them Berke? Thank you for reminding me I need to get mine, I guess I need to read up on them before I go.

    I found this.


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    They do, but it's pretty inconvenient. If you are in the doctor's office for a regular visit, they can give you the shot as part of the visit. Otherwise, they have free clinics on some Saturdays, but the line is around the building...
    Thanks! :smile:
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    More from the CDC:
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