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Trying to Flash Bios but cant boot on floppy

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    Iam trying to revive my old ASUS TUSI-M 1.1Ghz board, its bios needs to be flashed, it can only boot asking for a floppy, I created a bootable floppy in XP on my other machine and copied flash programs in it at ASUS website, i tried booting my floppy startup disk on the other machine and it booted in MSDOS fine but after i inserted the floppy disk on the PC iam trying to flash the bios it said "insert a bootable floppy" iam using the same floppy drive why cant it boot on the other machine? is it the dos version?
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    I can help you with this but need to know if you still have this problem(due to the posting date)
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