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Trying to make a Superconducting tube

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    I'm doing an experiment which requires the fabrication of a superconducting hollow cylinder but I am unable to find a firm which does custom manufacturing of this nature. I have found numerous which sell the high Tc powders (YBCO BSCCO). My question is if I do just buy the powders what could I do to form my cylinder? I was thinking I could either press it in to shape or add a binder of some sort. However I recognize the binder idea may diminish some properties of the HTS.

    Any and all insight appreciated.
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    Can't you just buy a solid cylinder of niobium or aluminum and then drill a hole?

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    Liquid helium is expensive.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Yes, but so is making a tube of YBCO that manages to superconduct. I was going to recommend a niobium tube. You can buy these commercially.
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