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Trying to measure gauge pressure in a water pipe (under 1 psi)

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    I'm trying to measure and regulate gauge pressure in a pipe that has water flowing through it, but I need the pressure to be about .75psi (1.8 ft H2O).
    Most dial gauge ranges are too high and not accurate enough.
    Pressure transducers Ive had no luck with as far as finding one thats inexpensive and measures accurately under 1 psi for water.
    Using a liquid column would be too high for water (2 ft).
    So any ideas, products or guidance?

    I have no problems using an analog transducer that outputs voltage if that's a good option.
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    How about a U tube manometer filled with a denser liquid (possibly highly salinated water with food colouring to show the interface.)
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    Blood pressure cuffs have a little gage that indicates mm of mercury.

    1psi is about 51.7 mm hg

    You'll want the sense line filled with water and sloping up all the way to pipe so air bubbles aren't trapped.

    And you'll adjust reading of gage for its distance below pipe centerline.

    The electronic sensor in a home monitor might be something you could scrounge. Those instruments show up in thrift shops.

    That's a not uncommon range for industrial sensors but they cost hundreds of dollars.

    A component like this is around thirty-five bucks at Digikey.

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