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Trying to understand Quantum Entanglement, String Theory, and the BB

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    Consider me physics illiterate since my last class was advanced placement physics in high school (over 20 years ago). I am trying to understand what the title says, How does quantum entanglement, string theory, and the BB fit together?

    Skipping to the meat of the subject, everything revolves around the interactive relations of quarks and other sub particles. We are trying to understand how those particles relate to one another now, but how would they have interacted before the BB? Could they have caused the BB?

    Could quantum particles have held the singularity together by threading through the various dimensions and alternate universes contained within the singularity? Could those particles still be trying to follow those same thread paths thru the inflated universe we live in? I have read about quantum particles that blink out of existence only to reappear. Are those particles going into another dimension or alternate universe? Would space (distance) actually matter if particles can travel multidimensional or thru alternate universes?

    When two particles are exhibiting quantum entanglement, are they ignoring space and only obeying rules of time?

    If particles do try to adhere to the same paths through the universe today, as they did prior to the BB in the singularity, would this explain gravity? The slowing of inflation to cause contraction back to a singularity? The hangup for me is space as the particles seem, as in quantum entanglement, to ignore distance but act in time.

    See, told you I was physics illiterate. Hopefully I do not ruffle feathers by asking questions this way. Understanding the math is not my strong point, understanding the explanations by those who can do the math is better suited for me.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, Tomrin!

    You have some good questions. However, it is not really possible to answer your speculative ideas since you don't yet have a suitable foundation for an answer. For example, the question "Could quantum particles have held the singularity together by threading through the various dimensions and alternate universes contained within the singularity?" leads me to ask: what singularity? We don't actually know there was such a thing. Alternate universes? Who says there are any? Etc.

    My point is that before asking such a question, you have some work to do to understand where science is currently at. Otherwise, you risk just throwing out some buzzwords that you don't fully understand and expecting someone more knowledgeable to make some sense of it. That probably won't happen around here, as idle speculation wastes time. But if you can re-formulate the questions in a more scientific format, that would be more likely to get the results you seek.
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    Thanks for the reply DrChinese, I will refine the questions. I know what I am trying to ask, but putting the questions into something coherent is the problem. Will research more to help facilitate the answering of the questions.

    As I said, not very literate in physics, so will refine and be specific and not speculative.

    Btw, have been to your site and found the posts and links interesting and helpful. Should have spent more time there before posting here.
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