Trying to volunteer (BA physics)

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a physics BA about to graduate, entering a job in a different field (finance). Physics/science will always stay close to my heart and I would like to find a way to stay in touch perhaps by doing some related volunteering while working.

    I have searched google, found but not much else.

    I will be located in NYC. Conservatively, I could dedicate about 2 hours/week.
    Online or offline.

    Offline/local is better, but how would I go about searching for anything?

    I guess my question is two fold - 1) any known opportunities? 2) any known resources/how to go about finding opportunities?

    (Hope I posted in the right forum)

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Wanna volunteer to be my tutor for physics? :)
  4. Why not hang out here two hours a week?
  5. It seems that in most other cases (e.g. offline) you would build some at least weak form of a relationship and progress.

    All great suggestions of course, my hope is for something more tangible, but please throw in whatever ideas everyone has.
  6. Are you saying we don't have any relationship? Boo hoo :(

    Why not take an evening class? Must be lots of options in NYC. You might find some general classes like "quantum physics for poets", or similar, where you could learn something new, and bring your expertise to the table and teach something as well...

    Why not set up a tangible group of physics forum guys that can meetup once a week and jaw about physics?
  7. haha I like it, thanks.
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