What is Volunteer: Definition and 15 Discussions

Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labour for community service. Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to a natural disaster. Nowadays, one common type of volunteer is volunteer tourism.

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  1. J

    Semi-retired chemistry and physics teacher

    I volunteer in my wife's intro to chem and physics class and her design workshop class at the local high school. I integrate PASCO and Vernier probeware, and help with other experimental design problems, as well as working one on one with students. Both classes are primarily project oriented.
  2. D

    Chemistry Volunteer/unpaid work to build skills

    I got a chemistry degree a few years ago bit I didn't use it to get a job since I've been doing other things. I love working in the lab and would really love to build up my skills but I don't see myself getting a paid chemistry job any time soon so looking for another way to gain lab experience...
  3. H

    Volunteer editor for my article requested

    I am not an academic but have been asked to write an article about a radio project I did with some local students, it worked pretty neat. The audience is STEM teachers. Needs to be ready in July. Hoping a professional coulg edit it / check it. Haven't started yet.
  4. N

    Other Volunteer research with professors - what am I doing wrong?

    Hello everyone, I am a potential graduate in Electrical Engineering. Being highly interested in doing research, I contacted several professors who lead research groups for possible research opportunities. I included my resume, but did not a transcript (my GPA is not spectacular) in my e-mails...
  5. AngularMomentum

    Can You Help Discover New Planets with Kepler Data on Planet Hunters?

    find new planets by detecting dips in light of stars when planets transits. maybe you will find a cool planet in the process. with data from kepler. heres a link to planet hunters: http://www.planethunters.org/
  6. Alex Howard

    What should I volunteer in to gain Astro experience for PhD?

    So here is the gist. I just completed my 3rd year of a 4 year Phys and Astro Masters at the University of Exeter, and for the second year in a row, me and all my course mates were passed over for internships because we lack experience (which we can't get because no one will pick us for...
  7. Nietzsche_Keen

    Engineering Mech./Elec. Engineering Related Volunteer Ideas?

    Seeking some ideas for volunteer opportunities (with which to boost my resume and experience level). One idea I've had is to pick an issue then design and build a mechanical/electrical solution. I obviously won't be presenting at any symposiums, but maybe I could build a beginner's portfolio...
  8. K

    Tips for searching volunteer jobs in the research lab?

    Hi all If I want to volunteer in the research lab in the summer, how should I contact the professor to inquiry about this opportunities? I am an undergraduate electrical students, and I am interested in the the signal processing and data communication. However, I don't have any related...
  9. M

    Trying to volunteer (BA physics)

    Hi guys, I am a physics BA about to graduate, entering a job in a different field (finance). Physics/science will always stay close to my heart and I would like to find a way to stay in touch perhaps by doing some related volunteering while working. I have searched google, found...
  10. D

    Physics Good Volunteer Positions for Physics Majors

    I was wondering if anyone knows any good volunteer positions for the summer for someone who is doing a physics major. I was looking into tutoring but I can't seem to find many positions since it is close to summer and school is almost finished. Ideally I would have preferred a summer research...
  11. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Enhancing My CV/Resumé with Volunteer Work as a Student in Year 11

    Hello; I am a student in Year 11 (second year of GCSE). I am looking for ways to 'enhance' or add more to my CV/resumé and I have chosen to try and do some volunteer work, in the hopes of making myself try to stand out and possibly increase my changes of getting into university. I already...
  12. ZapperZ

    Volunteer Needed To Run Photo Contest From 4/26-5/17

    A fun and imaginative volunteer is needed to run the PF Photo Contest starting on April 26, with the last contest being run on May 17. This person is responsible for coming up with the appropriate themes, posting the contest on the Saturdays during that period, setting up the voting rounds, and...
  13. Q

    Volunteer radar gunslingers nail speeders

    http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-10-22-radar_N.htm Just read this on yahoo. I don't know about you guys, but a 'warning letter' isn't going to stop me from going 50 in a 30.
  14. A

    Internships and volunteer work

    I'll be applying for university this year, so I need to do some internship and some volunteer work. I'm definitely going to the science field (I don't know which but not medical), and I need to ask what type of internships should I do. What type of volunteer work should I do, and how much...
  15. Loren Booda

    Where and how do you volunteer?

    I volunteer at a nursing home by leading a group and chatting with residents; at a park by caring for animals and greeting visitors; and at a hospital by overseeing a mental health support group. Giving is its own gift. What donated time returns you the most reward?