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Tube Strength charactoristics

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    How would i work out the load baring strength difference between a hollow tube and a tube, with a x section throughout the length?(as per thread bellow)


    I love designing things and in this case I'm asking in respect to space frame chassis for vehicle.

    Strength is broad question and thinking compression strength form the end be similar to hollow, however load baring strength along the length I'm thinking should be a substantial difference..
    Any help greatly appreciated

    Regards Phil(Perth, OZ)
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    by calculating the sectional modulus for both cross sections
    σ = M/Z
    σ = stress induced
    M = Moment applied
    Z = section modulus
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    what you want to ask is how the stress varies along the axis of the vessel. I think the weakest part will occur where you have the smallest X-section, like in the hollow part. However, stress concentration at sharp corners in the transverse cross-section may also exist.
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