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Tuition fees and living cost for Uni is too expensive

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    Hello, I am a high school student from Canada
    My parents are apparently not helping me pay my school tuition next year. I am kind of scared because I know that physics major unlike engineering or actuarial science, you need to study for a longer period. I calculated my fees for undergrad 4 years. It is approx $60,000 cnd. And plus grad school.....it is going kill me. I know there is OSAP but that I need to still pay back....
    I am hoping that there are ppl like me out there who can give me practical advice
    Coop is not an option in the school I want to apply to ( uoft st. George)
    And if I had to do coop physics In Waterloo I would rather major in something else that Waterloo is strong at
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    Get a job? I work hard during the summer months to pay for my tuition come fall, and I begin each session by paying that year off. You may even have to get more than one job during the summer.
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    Is there anything you can do that you are strong in that can earn you money? Think about it a bit. I worked in construction and/or mills each summer to earn money. During college, I bought and sold and restored old guitars, amplifiers to earn more money, and worked my weekend nights playing music at frat parties to earn money. Too many really valuable guitars and tube amps have passed though my hands to recount, but there are some sad memories...

    I should never have let some of them go. '59 Strat with a poor refinish job comes to mind. One of the best-sounding single-coil guitars that I have ever played.
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    Apparently, OSAP limits how much I can make per month
    I dunno,,,,
    Are there any Canadian students who goes to US for grad, getting stipends?
    I heard that Canadian Grad schools are free because they give enough money for you to pay tuition and cover living cost
    is it same for international students in US?

    and yea, I am going to work as a swimming instructor/lifeguard over summers but I am afraid it won't cover much,

    Should I stay back a year and save some money? (my parents are against this..dunno why even though they are not helping me lol)
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    I personally would rather take a year off to ensure I don't land debt. In fact, I did just that a couple years ago. Your parents are probably worried you will be comfortable with that type of lifestyle, and hence you may never return (I know mine were). Do whatever you feel is best for you.
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    anything like a community college in canada? in the states the tuition is cheaper, but the credits are the same, so you could take at least a year of calc, chem, physics, english at a cheaper rate, do well, and then transfer to a uni later on.
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    Just about every student without a credit card from the Bank of Mumndad faces this same problem.

    1. If you haven't, start working and saving now.

    2. I'm not sure where you're getting this idea that physics majors need to study for a longer period than engineers. Either route is demanding and you will have to learn to manage your study time effectively, but neither is so demanding that it alone will prevent you from getting a part-time job during the academic year.

    3. Summer jobs. Generally students in Canada only go to school for 2/3 of the year. You should start looking in fall for a job the following summer, so that you can (a) work the whole summer and (b) get something that strikes the best balance between pay, experience and fun.

    4. Co-op is a good idea, but make sure you weigh the pros and cons.

    5. Consider cost-of-living. There are other cities that have physics programs that are just as good as UofT that are a lot cheaper to live in.

    6. Ever thought about the armed forces? I can't remember exactly where the St. George campus is, but I'm pretty sure you can walk to the Moss Park Armoury from it.
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    May be I will just commute (3hr = back and forth) that saves food and housing
    That 3 hour .....man, I will read some newspaper and listen to music or something
    still sounds like a lot of time wasted....it's not like i am exercising either
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    There's nothing else that is closer to you?
  11. Dec 13, 2011 #10
    york and ....that's about it
    but it is THE UofT!!! or is it just me hahaha
    thinking back , I would still rather live off campus in toronto, I know a cheap place (~$500per monthly). Dude now i am seriously thinking may be I should get more marketable degree at waterloo and just get a job right after graduation...
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