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Twitter: increasing traffic to my website

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    What is the best method to increase visitors to my website from Twitter?
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    It's all about getting followers.
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    Yeah, but it can take a long time to build a network of followers. I'm asking if there's a clever way, a faster way or method to increase traffic of followers, some sort of a generator - a twitter traffic generator of followers
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    There are no easy routes, otherwise spammers would have a field day. Write tweets that are interesting and build a base organically.
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    I agree with you.

    I did a search and found the following articles:

    http://www.doshdosh.com/ways-you-can-use-twitter/ [Broken]

    I find these items to be more relevant for me:

    #1 Personal Branding
    #2 Get Feedback
    #4 Direct traffic
    #5 Read News
    #6 Make New Friends
    # 11 Take Notes
    #12 Event Updates
    #13 I'll use the Twitter Search
    #14 Acquire Votes: I'll be sending links to my stories that will be on my website.

    I'm not sure about #8 Use it as a ToDo list. Have you used it?

    And, I found this article: http://www.doshdosh.com/how-to-get-more-twitter-followers/ [Broken]

    And, I asked my virtual friends on Twitter, and one of them suggested this:


    It claims that for $5 you can get 100 followers with the same interests.
    Is it worth it?
    Is it something you would do?

    This is the funny part: I asked my Twitter friends if they've tried it -- My Twitter friends include: one physicist, one math prof, a couple of economists and two economics students (I'm a math major student.) -- None of them have tried it. They're waiting for others to try it and then study it.

    I'm also looking for some feedback. I would to hear from others who have used it, and are still using it, and from those who dropped it.
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    And, I need to improve my website, to build it organically, as you mentioned it earlier.

    I think I found the right tools to do just that.

    I follow http://www.trendcentral.com/WebApps/App/Global/Home.aspx on my second Twitter account

    And I came across this article : Trendcentral: The New Jury Duty? - HOW PEOPLE ARE USING THE WEB TO SIZE UP THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR

    A new crop of websites allows users to ask for anonymous feedback about themselves
    from both friends and strangers, When assessment is solicited.

    The tools I think I'll be using are:

    - Digital Slambooks : failin.gs
    - Report Cards : http://betterme.com/
    - People's Court : Side Taker and Instant Jury

    I may use issues raised on http://www.nbc.com/the-marriage-ref/ on my website to get reactions, thus creating more traffic.

    I've just discovered these tools. I need to read about them.

    What do you think about these tools?
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