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Homework Help: Two electricity questions about KVL and a pole numbers

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    What happens when you do a KVL through and current source?

    A formula I can not understand


    f=frequency P=number of poles …..

    How shall you know how many poles you got?, my old teacher just wrote it down as it would be obvious. But I think ti is related to what kind of engine you got …

    Kindly TNS
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    LOL. You really had me going there for a moment. I thought you were referring to poles in the complex plane for the circuit polynomial transfer function.

    You are referring to magnetic poles in a motor drive instead. That's where the 120 comes from (at least in the US -- it would be 100 in Europe). What current source are you referring to in your KVL? Are you trying to write a KVL around all the loops in a motor?
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    1 No i just wonder how i shall i do an KVL when i ahve an current source.

    2 about the polles they say they can be

    P= 2 4 6 8 ... but i don't know how you know which ...
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