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Typesetting a tricky matrix in LaTeX

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    I am trying to typeset the attached partitioned 8x8 matrix in LaTeX. I have drawn it without the parentheses with the columns and rows numbered. Submatrices I, 0, A, B, C, and D are 2X2 matrices while T is a 4X4 matrix. The main trouble I have is getting T to span the rows and columns. Is there any elegant way to do this in LaTeX?? Thank you!

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    D H

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    I_{2\times2} & 0_{2\times2} \\ 0_{2\times2} & I_{2\times2}\end{array} &
    A_{2\times2} & 0_{2\times2} \\ 0_{2\times2} & B_{2\times2}\end{array} \\
    T_{4\times4} &
    C_{2\times2} & 0_{2\times2} \\ 0_{2\times2} & D_{2\times2}\end{array}
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