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UC schools view of retaking classes , what do you tihnk?

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    How negatively do UC schools in California view retaking classes ? By the way, altogether it would be about 8 W's & repeating about 6 classes total.

    How about, if you have a 4.0 but retook classes and got A's, however got D's in them ALL the first time, would you have a very good chance of getting into a UC? Such as Berkley, or UC Santa Barbara as opposed to a Cal state school ?

    (The student is a resident of CA by the way if it matters.)

    Also, the student has taken TONS of units because the student changed their major twice.
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    For CC transfers: UCs do not put weight on the number of W's and only factor in grades C and above for the GPA. So if the student had 6 D's and retook them for A's, the student's GPA would still be a 4.0 for the UCs. Grad school, I hear, is not as forgiving though. Also, since the student is coming from a CC, he/she will never be considered senior standing and can apply with as much units as he/she wants, provided they all come from a CC. They only count 70 towards graduation though, but you get subject credit for the rest if they articulate.
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    "Grad school, I hear, is not as forgiving though." Not as forgiving of what? Of which grades the student receives at a junior college, or of the grades received at the school that the student transfers to after the junior college?

    What is, "senior standing" ?

    "and can apply with as much units as he/she wants" , can apply for what ? And is that good or not good?
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I don't know about UC transfer policies, but I can say that your chances of getting into Berkeley are vastly diminished if you do not spell it correctly.
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    Not as forgiving when it comes to W's.

    It is your status regarding units taken. In UCLA, junior standing is from 60 to 86 semester units (or 90 to 129 quarter units), so anything above that is considered senior standing. These figures would probably be the same for Berkeley, but you better check just to make sure. Google is your friend.

    Can apply as a junior transfer to any UC campus, since most only take juniors. The thing about it is though, is that "senior standing" only applies to students who have been to a 4-year university, so if you come from just a community college you can apply with as many units as you want since you can never hit the unit cap for senior standing.
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