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Transferring to a UC school from out of state.

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    I was wondering if anyone who knows about UC schools (especially Santa Barbara), could tell me what my chances are for transferring there.

    -I am however out of state, I go to Hudson Valley Community College in New York.

    -I have a 3.33 overall GPA and a 4.0 major GPA (Physics)

    -I'm in Chem Club

    -I've done some undergrad research at RPI (It was the summer I graduated High School, so I mainly just sat in on alot. Did some stuff though.)

    -I've worked over the summer at Applied BioPhysics Inc. under Nobel Prize winner Ivar Giaever

    -I plan to partake in an Ecology experiment going on in my school, helping with measurements and such.

    I plan on getting a 4.0 this semster (my 3rd) but will the low GPA of my first year hurt my chances?

    Also if it means anything, the reason I got a low GPA of 3.0 last semester was because of a slight concussion I got during a car accident. I know there's no excuse, but it really affected my will to do outside since i was always tired.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Adam G.
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    *To do outside work*
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