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UHP water jetting and calculating kinetic energy

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    If i compress water to 60 ksi, and push it through a 0.015" sharp orifice, then i have another orifice 2 feet before that sudden open to 0.015", what is the velocity of the stream from each orifice?
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    You'll have to tell us more before anyone on PF can give you a proper answer .

    Please post a more detailed description of the problem and a clear diagram .
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    I have drawn this in metric units.
    Scenario # 1 (Solenoid valve 2 opens, pump is supplying noted pressure to water)
    What is the velocity of the stream exiting attached nozzle? Power of stream?
    Scenario # 2 (Solenoid valve 1 opens....Valve 2 stays open)
    What is the velocity of each nozzle? Power of each stream?
    And yes, smooth, laminar flow....note that i have not added a system relief just to simplify.

    Thank you in advance
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    In addition, is there a specific energy dispersion rate from the nozzle tip to atmosphere?
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    Have you got a drawing of the orifice and nozzle ?
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    no i do not, however i did stumble upon a research paper has the calculation and 420 MPa, 1 mm orifice = 916 m/s this was verified thru CFD and measured using phase Doppler anemometry....that was thru a single orifice....i need look thru the rest of the formulae and work thru the impact of that water stream on a human body...

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