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Courses UK University Recommmendations for Psychology/Neuroscience

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My daughter has had to defer university application for a year and switch to "Plan B". Can anyone recommend UK universities giving courses relating to Psychology and Neuroscience (together if possible)? Also any refererence/text books that would be useful as an introduction to similar course(s)?


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My step-son will (hopefully) start a MSc program in Neuroscience in the autumn.

We (mainly) looked at King's, Manchester, Edinburgh, York, Oxford and Cambridge.
Neuroscience is usually part of Bio-medicine (or in the case of Oxbridge and York Natural Sciences) which is typically in a different department from psychology; I might be wrong but the only place where there seemed to be a definite linkto Psychology was King's. I don't think there is necessarily much interaction between the two subjects at the undergraduate level.


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Thanks for the advice, I'll pass it on. My daughter has looked at Kings and did mention Bio-medicine. Good luck with the MSc!

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