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Unanswered thread not on UAT list?

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    A new poster has put up a homework question, but managed to knock it off the unanswered list by adding further info. I've been trying to help via private conversation, but although I'm convinced an analytic solution is possible, the maths is temporarily defeating me! (Only basic calculus, derivative of function of function, but I'm very rusty.)

    Is there any way, other than reposting in a new thread, that it can get back on the UAT list, so that real mathematicians can see it and maybe help.

    Post referred to is: in Introductory Physics HW, by Makonia,
    " How to chose the angle and initial speed to hit two objects "
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    It's still early, I'll keep watch
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    I was curious and merged the three posts. The thread appeared in the list of unanswered threads again.
    Then I wrote an answer, now it is not on the list any more of couse.
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    Thanks. Sorry if I was a bit hasty. I was feeling guilty about encouraging him to add more info, then not being able to help myself.
    I did look up a formula like the ones appearing in the thread now, but have still not been able to derive it myself even having the result to guide me!

    I often feel the first response to a post needs to be to ask for more info, especially as many questions are poorly explained. But it does worry me that, as soon as you make any sort of response, the post leaves the unanswered list, where it would normally be much more likely to be noticed.

    I expect you have considered these problems a lot and I can see drawbacks to any alternatives I've yet thought of.

    Unless I think I'm going to be able to offer a full answer, I generally reply via a conversation leaving the thread unanswered to attract further attention.
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