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UNBELIEVABLE Grand Theft Auto 5 physics engine

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    Allegedly, this video is a test demo of the physics and vehicle damage engine that will be included in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

    I'm not sure if this a hoax or if it's the real deal. If it's true then we will finally have some breathtakingly realistic crashes. Although processing all of those extremely complex damage models in real-time will be torture on the CPU and system memory. This is something Nvidia PhysX might be good for.

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    It's not. I remember seeing this video a couple years ago - so unless this was a super early demo, this isn't GTA.
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    It's a demo released by a small company (BeamNG) that creates physics simulations - with the idea that their simulations could be included in a video game if a game maker paid them.
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    Hypothetically, would it be possible for this physics engine to be included in games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and the next "GRID" game?

    If this demo was made using the CryEngine 3, then I'm assuming that this physics/damage engine could actively be included in-game for Crysis 2 and 3 via a downloadable mod.
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    Serious physics and AI have both been the redheaded stepchildren of the industry for a long time. They're resource hogs that seldom help to sell games. However, the next generation consoles will enable a lot more physics and AI to be done cheaply so we should see things we've never seen before being tried for the first time and other things that have been done already being done more often.

    The fact this demo was made on the Cryengine 3 doesn't mean much. The physics engine itself is proprietary technology and any company wanting to use the program has to pay for each and every game it's applied to. Even if they can add it as a simple download for already existing games it's debatable they ever will.
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    As far as racing game physics go, what is considered to be the current best consumer physics engines for PC based games are the ones use in iRacing (based on the same engine formerly used in Nascar Racing Season 2003 - Papyrus and Grand Prix Legends - Papyrus), and the ISI (Image Space Incorporated), used in rFactor (some of the add-on cars are considered very good), and the GTR series (and dating back to EA's early F1 games, the last being F1 Challenge 1999-2002). There's an rFactor 2 in the works but no release date.

    At the high end, there are vehicle dynamics physics engines like rFactor pro, and other proprietary physics engines used by auto makers and racing teams.
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    I'm waiting to see what they can do with arcade style off-road truck racing myself. Soft body physics are nice, but I want to see rocks and mud spinning under my tires and Havok has been working on those kinds of things.

    The new Oculus Rift 3D VR headset with 110 degree field of view promises to bring a whole new dimension to the genre and it's inventor likes to play around with galvanic vestibular stimulation. That's where they use small voltages to stimulate the nerves in your inner ear and simulate motion. From what I've heard it's not that effective for simulating a lot of outrageous motions like flying a fighter jet, but would be particularly good for racing games. With a rumble seat attachment to your chair it could be a cheap way to do what currently requires expensive simulators.
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    It would be nice to see a super-realistic vehicle damage engine in a game like GTA or some racing game.
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