What is Nvidia: Definition and 48 Discussions

Nvidia Corporation ( en-VID-ee-ə) is an American multinational technology company incorporated in Delaware and based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market. Its primary GPU line, labeled "GeForce", is in direct competition with the GPUs of the "Radeon" brand by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Nvidia expanded its presence in the gaming industry with its handheld game consoles Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, and Shield Android TV and its cloud gaming service GeForce Now. Its professional line of GPUs are used in workstations for applications in such fields as architecture, engineering and construction, media and entertainment, automotive, scientific research, and manufacturing design.In addition to GPU manufacturing, Nvidia provides an application programming interface (API) called CUDA that allows the creation of massively parallel programs which utilize GPUs. They are deployed in supercomputing sites around the world. More recently, it has moved into the mobile computing market, where it produces Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainment systems. In addition to AMD, its competitors include Intel and Qualcomm.Nvidia announced plans on September 13, 2020 to acquire Arm Ltd. from SoftBank, pending regulatory approval, for a value of US$40 billion in stock and cash, which would be the largest semiconductor acquisition to date. SoftBank Group will acquire slightly less than a 10% stake in Nvidia, and Arm will maintain its headquarters in Cambridge.

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  1. Mark44

    Interest in post comparing nVidia CUDA code vs. Intel AVX-512 code?

    I've done a bit of CUDA programming lately, to exercise some parallel code on my nVidia graphics card. I also ported implemented the computations in Intel AVX-512 assembly code. The code I wrote takes a bunch (=262,144 = ##2^{18}## to be exact) of points, and calculates the slope and...
  2. rcgldr

    Chrome + NVidia intermittent BSOD with physics forums

    When browsing physics forums using Chrome with Windows XP on an NVidia video card, I occasionally get a blue screen of death. I don't recall this every happening with an AMD video card. With the NVidia video card, it only happens when I'm using Chrome and browsing physics forums. I've never seen...
  3. E

    Nvidia's Upcoming GTX 980 Ti: What We Know So Far

    Read on a tech website that the next big release of graphics cards from Nvidia is going to be the GTX 980 Ti and should launch sometime in Q2 2015. Should I wait until the Ti edition of the GTX 980, or should I go ahead and buy the regular 980? The 980 is only about 5-10% faster than the 780...
  4. E

    GTX 680 vs GTX 980 performance difference?

    I have two Nvidia GeForce GTX 680's in SLI and was considering saving up some money to buy two GTX 980's and put them in SLI. How much more performance should I expect to see? Based on what I've read, the 980 is more than twice as fast as the Kepler. And would an Intel Core i7 3770K (Ivy...
  5. Medicol

    Why is my Screen Text Still Emboldened Despite Adjusting ClearType Text?

    Please take a look at my screenshot attachment, I have tried several times to Adjust ClearType Text in Control Panel but nothing seems to change at all. Some letters are still always emboldened. I am using Windows 8.1. Intel (R) HD Graphics card (current plug-in) NVIDIA Geforce GT 620 (not in...
  6. TheDemx27

    Java Javascript Setup: What am I doing Wrong?

    I should be able to figure this out myself, I know. All it will display is text in html: It won't run any js. I am completely new to any sort of web programming and I've been searching the interwebs for hours. I'm using mongoose as my web server, and sublime 2 as my text editor...
  7. P

    Windows 8.1 Display Settings for Multiple Monitors

    In my windows 8.1 control panel->display->screen resolution,I have 3 displays : lg analog, NVIDIA geforce 620 and Intel hd graphics. My monitor is LG22EA53. The other two are not connected yet. If I would like to use the third, do I need to purchase a new monitor ? Thank you a lot
  8. C

    Java Upgraded to Windows 8.1, javac Not Longer Found

    I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro today and reinstalled all of my software. I'm having issues with the new Java JDK (v40). I can't compile anything on the command line. I keep getting the following error message: javac is not recognized as an internal or external command So I went back in...
  9. P

    Electrical Engineering : Fields of study and work.Are you enjoying it?

    Hi, I'm done with my second year of electrical engineering and am interning at nVidia. So far all I see is people in cubicles debugging code and compiling kernels. Of course there's nothing wrong with it but I was disappointed because I chose electrical over computer science in the hope of...
  10. P

    What are the specs on your computer?

    Wasn't sure if I should place this here or in the Computers Forum, I'm contrite if I made a mistake. Well I thought this would be fun to share our specs and feed our internet-egos. I'll update the OP with some of the nicer models. Here are mine: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor...
  11. K

    Should I Wait for the Next Generation GPUs to Rebuild My Computer?

    Should I wait until the next-generation of graphics cards from AMD/Nvidia are released to rebuild my computer? Also, the Haswell processors are right around the corner. It just seems silly to get an Ivy Bridge and Nvidia Kepler PC when the next-gen hardware is just months away. Based on what...
  12. K

    UNBELIEVABLE Grand Theft Auto 5 physics engine

    Allegedly, this video is a test demo of the physics and vehicle damage engine that will be included in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 5. I'm not sure if this a hoax or if it's the real deal. If it's true then we will finally have some breathtakingly realistic crashes. Although...
  13. K

    DX12 Details: What to Expect from the Next Generation of DirectX

    I read that DirectX 12 will be featured in the future generation of graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia in circa 2014. Are there any details yet about what might be included in the next version of DirectX? DX10 was a huge leap from DX9, while DX11 was essentially DX10 with bug fixes, better...
  14. K

    Would a single GTX 680 outperform two older ATI cards?

    I initially wanted to buy two GTX 670's but someone told me this isn't necessary because I have a 1920x1080 resolution monitor @75Hz, and that the framerate with one GTX 670 on that resolution would never drop below 75. So I was considering upgrading my two Radeon HD 5870's (1GB) to a single...
  15. M

    I want to purchase one of these computers

    Hello, I want to purchase one of these computers. I am an ocassioal gamer. 1. ASUS K55 ($720) i3 processor (2.4ghz) 6gb ddr3, 2 usb 3.0, 2gb Nvidia gforce 610m, 750gb hard drive 1. Lenovo Ideapad v570 ($760) i5 processor (2.5ghz) 4gb ddr3, 2 usb 2.0, 2gb Nvidia gforce 540m, 750gb hard...
  16. S

    Lenovo X230 vs T430: Laptop Comparison for CS/Engineering Majors

    hello guys, I am a computer engineering/computer science major on my senior year... I been using a 13" macbook air since i stared, but that got stolen few days ago... btw i used to have windows and linux on it (actual dual booting, no virtualization) Anyways i usually go to work 7-4, then go to...
  17. K

    Comparing Radeon HD 7970 vs Nvidia GTX 680 for Gaming PC Build

    I have a beefy budget to build a new gaming PC and I can't decide between the Radeon HD 7970 and the Nvidia GTX 680. I read that the GTX 680 uses only ~200W of power and is noticeably faster than the Radeon card, even though it has 3/4 the amount of transistors than the 7970. Should I wait...
  18. D

    Computer Engineering-Should I go for a Master's?

    Hello! I am currently an undergraduate going for a bachelor's in computer engineering. I just completed my first year and am a little behind because I started the first year with different majors. Right now I am a sophomore so I still have 3-4 years before I would start going for my masters...
  19. B

    Programs Probable CE major looking for advice

    Hello all, I have been giving some very serious thought to my future education and career lately. I have always considered becoming a CE major, but I wanted to get some advice before I dive into it. A little background about myself... I am 25. I have been in school 4 separate times and...
  20. F

    Do Intel, AMD, and Nvidia really support OpenCL?

    I'm working on a project using GPUs to simulate heat transfer. We are trying to create a superset which will execute on all the main architectures. How legit is OpenCL for this purpose?
  21. B

    Problem understanding NBody simulation physics

    Hello everyone! :) This is my first post in this forum! :) I am a computer programmer but the last weeks I am trying to combine my field with astronomy and astrophysics. I decided to create my own nBody simulator but I have problems understanding the calculation of the velocity and speed...
  22. A

    I need suggestions for a new graphics card ?

    I've got four nvidia 580s runnIng in quad SLI, but they are just not cutting it for me anymore speed wise. Any suggestions? Money is not an issue.
  23. Pattonias

    A Problem to Chew On: PC shutdown during boot

    Ok, I have a media server here with an interesting problem. Here are some specs: AMD dual core 600 watt power supply, bought new 2 years old. Older server motherboard no problems before, but who knows. Nvidia 9500 graphics card 4 gb of ram installed, only addresses 3.5 gb Windows 7 pro...
  24. Pengwuino

    Is the Universe ****ing With Me?

    A month ago I bought a new laptop and a solid state drive to go with it. The drive cost about $140. As with EVERYTHING I EVER BUY that's computer hardware, a few weeks later it's 40% cheaper. And it was the ONE drive they put on sale. Is the universe ****ing with me? I recall many years ago...
  25. W

    Mathematica Mathematica GPU quasi monte carlo integrals using CUDA

    hello all! I just got a new computer with an Nvidia card, and am now able to do some GPU parallel processing inside mathematica using CUDA. My main interest is in taking tons of moderate accuracy (3-4 digits) numerical integrals. I've been using QMC in MMA and that's been working well...
  26. A

    Solve C Library Question: Thrust Max_Element

    So I'm trying to use max_element from the "thrust" library http://developer.nvidia.com/thrust" but am not sure the header file has the function it claims to have. The header file for max_element can be found...
  27. F

    Ivy Bridge processor and socket 2011/X68 chipset

    The Sandy Bridge processors are not significantly faster than the Nehalems, and they only had dual-channel memory. There is a noticeable difference in performance, but it really isn't worth upgrading. Hopefully, the HUGE performance boost will be with the 8-core/22nm "Ivy Bridge" processors. I...
  28. J

    New computer constantly freezing?

    New computer constantly freezing?? Hey guys, I have a problem here. I recently bought a brand new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. It has an AMD Athlon dual core 2.0 ghz processor, and the computer initially came with 2 gigs of DDR-2 RAM. Now, when I got the computer, I threw in...
  29. M

    CAD/CAM workstation build help

    I'm finally biting the bullet and have decided to build a bit of an overkill workstation. Goals: reduce down time for rendering and FEA calculations. I spent some time trying to research the right components and wow did that give me a bit of a headache! A lot seems to be geared towards the...
  30. S

    General Engineering Major Discussion

    Hi, I'm a graduating senior in high school in NY. I'm going to be attending a mostly liberal arts college in NH next year; but I will most likely major in one type of engineering. My engineering interests include AI, cloud computing, semiconductors, energy storage systems (ultracapacitors...
  31. B

    On a scale of 1-100 how bad is my graphics card?

    1 being the worst you can buy right now, 100 the best you can buy right now i got a mobile intel R 4 series express chipset family with a booster: nvidia geforce G210M cuda 512Mb i think that's right. >.> could be wrong though :s the dxdiag window thing just says the mobile intel r 4 stuff but...
  32. F

    Why do GPU's dwarf the computational power of CPU's?

    The ATI Radeon HD 6990 is capable of about 5 teraflops (five trillion operations per second) while the top-tier CPU's from intel and amd can only churn out about 250 gigaflops (billions of operations per second) even after they have been overclocked quite a bit. why do GPU's dwarf the...
  33. F

    Nvidia revives the 3dfx voodoo GPU line

    Nvidia revives the 3dfx "voodoo" GPU line http://www.geforce.com/#/News/articles/voodoo-revived Apparently the Nvidia corporation and ex-employees of the now-defunct "3DFX" company have revived the "voodoo" line of graphics cards. Apparently they are releasing a new GPU which has roughly 233...
  34. N

    Averatec 2300 troubleshooting?

    a friend gave me an averatec 2300 series laptop that was busted. it charges the battery and when i press the power button the power light comes on and the CD drive can be opened and spins up with a disc in it but nothing else turns on no fan, no built in screen, no attached monitor,or other...
  35. F

    Moore's law is quickly becoming obsolete, what will they to next?

    The smallest current retail microprocessor is 32nm (nanometers) in fabrication. Electronic engineers are struggling to make transistors smaller and smaller as the laws of physics dictate that there is a limit to how small you can make a transistor. Later this year, consumer hardware...
  36. N

    Extra hard drive listed- Where did this come from?

    I see a hard disk drive (Q:) in my Computer directory but I don't know what it is. I recently reinstalled Windows and everything is fine except for this. I can't access it, it doesn't appear in Disk Management (when I right-click my computer icon and click Manage). Here's a screenshot of what...
  37. J

    Please help me build a computer

    As I have mentioned in this thread, it's that time of decade where I'm looking to build a new computer for myself. I'm hoping to not spend more than $800 CAD on the motherboard, processor and RAM but I have no real budgetary limit. Of course, I'm looking to optimize for some metric of...
  38. T

    Installed directx 11 by mistake.

    I clicked download and run for directx11 without really thinking about it and now, daily, I've been trying different websites to get 9.0c installed back again and nothing seems to work. Ive done this about 10 times now...I find a website/mirror etc with 9.0c on it and download the damn thing...
  39. P

    Schools Deciding Between Oregon Grad Schools for Electrical Engineering: OSU vs PSU

    I'm considering graduate school in the event that I don't get a full time job, and I'm considering two graduate schools here in Oregon where I'm from. I am going for a masters in electrical engineering, either an M.Eng or M.S depending on funding options workload and available classes etc...
  40. C

    Idea for using a Desktop GPU on a Laptop to Drive Internal LCD

    There are a couple of products on the market which allow you to attach an external desktop gpu to the laptop and then use an external monitor and play games using the the desktop gpu instead of the weaker gpu in the laptop. It's a great idea but it means that you must carry an external...
  41. R

    NVidia GeForce 8400 GS: BIOS Settings, Driver, DirectX, GPU Benchmarking

    I have a XFX GeForce 8400 GS with 512 MB Ram . The Driver Version is NVidia ForceWare 181.60 . (The Bios String is displayed by Everest as Version ) GPU CodeName - G98GS . The DirectX HardWare Support is displayed as DirectX V10 . Question 1) Is this Card called a...
  42. R

    What Happens If I Change These BIOS Settings?

    1) What would happen if I enable the ACPI APIC function in BIOS ? 2) What would happen if I enable ACPI 2.0 Support in BIOS ? 3) What would happen if I enable or change some settings in NVIDIA RAID function in BIOS ?
  43. M

    How can I update my NVIDIA video drivers for better online gaming performance?

    Hey Everyone My knowledge of computers is pretty much near to nothing. I've just put Counter Strike on my laptop, which is a PC game played online. The game sometimes has to reboot due to the fact that my drivers need updating, even when I start the game it says that I may need to update...
  44. T

    Xeon CPU and NVidia Quadro screencard.

    Dear members, in a dell 650 workstation i have twin Xeon CPUs and NVidia Quadro screencard installed. Supposed to give good to excellent performance, however the rendering speed is extremely slow. The computer runs very slow compared to much less powerful configurations. There is no...
  45. vincentm

    Celestia on Nvidia Hardware and Ubuntu OS difficulties

    Hello, Celestia runs fine, except when i go to satellites ( Hubble, ISS, etc). When i hit the 'g' key it doesn't show anything for the object, instead a blackish type sphere is displayed. I'm running it on an older system: Dell GX240 2.4Ghz Pentium4 1gb DDR 2700 Geforce MX440 64MB I...
  46. A

    NVidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked

    Should i get the nVidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked, its $300 and the video performance is very good and its already factory overclocked with a lifetime warrenty. Does anyone have it cause I'm open to comments and stuff.
  47. Saint

    ATi Radeon or nVidia graphics cards better?

    Which is better? :smile: