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Unburnt Carbon equation balancing in Boilers

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    Hi there,

    Hope you all are doing good.

    I was reading a book on boilers and burners design and had a problem in understanding some part of the text which I have attached below

    The problem is I not comprehend that

    1. How unburnt carbon mass can be achieved by subtracting CO2 * 12/44
    2. The units of the second picture are not being achieved.

    If anyone can help me in this regard, i would be very glad.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I forgot to attach the file... please see it here

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    Answer 1. What is the atomic/molecular mass of carbon, oxygen and carbon dioxide?
    Answer2. There is no second picture . If you mean equation 3-28 why do you think units are not correct?
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    Hey hello 256 bits. thanks for help.

    I did a quick calculation of the first question and I got the answers.

    I did the solution like this

    C_total = C_burnt + C_unburnt
    C_unburnt = C_total - C_burnt

    As the C_burnt forms CO2, therefore C_burnt = 12/44*CO2

    C_unburnt = C_total - 12/44*CO2


    As for the second question, yes I am talking about 3-28. I reattempted the solution, but could not get the balanced units. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
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