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Homework Help: Uncertainty principle and bound states?

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    i have two questions that i am struggling with and i have tried all i can think of with them and i am still not getting the answers correct.

    1)Estimate, using the Uncertainty Principle, the kinetic energy of an electron if it were bound in the nucleus.

    Answer: ∼ 200 MeV for R ∼ 1 fm

    2)A muon is a particle very similar to an electron but with mass 105.6 MeV/c2, and a muonic atom is the bound state of a muon and a proton. Calculate the binding energy of the ground state of a muonic atom.

    Answer: 2.53 keV

    any possible help would be much apreciated.
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    1. Assume that the nucleus is a perfect sphere with the given radius 1 fm.

    2. The Rydberg constant is the only thing that changes when uses a muon instead of an electron.
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