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Unclassifiable Statement error in fortran 90

  1. Feb 18, 2012 #1
    I'm writing this program for an assignment and I have run into a roadblock. I thought it was a pretty simple program, but I think my lack of experience with fortran is working against me.. Here is the bare code:

    Program Readfile
    implicit none



    DO n=1,38,1
    z = LOG10[x]
    u = LOG10[y]
    v = LOG10[(x*x*x*y)/(1exp24)]
    END DO


    It is a simple concept. All it has to do is open file1 to get 2 values, then write in file2 those values, and a couple functions of them. The read(12,*) lines are used to skip the first two lines in file one, because they are junk. I am doing n=1,38 because there are 38 lines the program must do this to. The problem arises with the z= , u= , and v= statements. When I compile using the command gfortran file.f90 -o file.o it comes back and gives me Unclassifiable statement errors for all 3. What is my problem? Sorry if it is really obvious..
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    The [ ] should be ( ).

    Also 1exp24 should be 1e24, unless 1exp24 is a F90 "enhancement" over F77 that I don't know about.
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    In addition to what AlephZero said, your first two READ statements are probably causing problems. These statements require one or more variables for the value(s) read to be stored in. I haven't written any fortran code for about 15 years, but I think this is correct.

    Does your compiler give the line number of the unclassifiable statement? That would be helpful information.
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    I think those are OK. They will read and ignore the first two lines of the file, assuming that's what the OP wants to do.
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