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Undecided between Pure and Applied track

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    As someone who's interested in the history/ideas of mathematics I'm attracted towards the pure track but I'm also attracted to the job prospects of applied math.

    Are my impressions wrong? Can one find employment with either concentration, or is the applied track superior in that regard?
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    I think this is more "Academic and Career Guidance" than mathematics so I am moving it there.
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    You need a lot of backing(at least a MSc/PhD and experience) to get to a safe financial situation in the pure track, even then the ceiling of earning is something like US$150,000 per annum. Unless you want to teach or something, but that requires seperate instruction and registry. Private schools don't have such strict requisites but the competition is fierce and experience valued.
    With a degree in the applied track the possibilities are endless and there's no exact ceiling for earnings, but then understandably more people choose this path and the job market is congested with potential employees. A double major instead of electives at undergraduate level helps the career hunt immensely.
    The AMS runs early-career profiles on their site and others you might want to browse around.
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