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B Under LQG is it possible to have an area with just nothing?

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    So if space is made up of spin networks and spacetime is made of spin foams, then say hypothetically, is it possible to have an area without the quanta of space? Say maybe if there is an end to the universe. Like a mega vacuum with just nothing in it.
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    Something that is nothing ( a contradiction) does not exist. So the answer is 'no'.
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    well if you think about it is not really nothing. It is just an area that doesn't contain quanta of space. It is just as close to nothing as you can get. The human brain cannot comprehend nothing. Probably phrased my question incorrectly.
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    Lunct, by looking at your posting history, you seem to be of the view that the way scientific theories are created is by putting together scientific sounding words hoping you will hit the right order. I'm afraid that's not how it works. Physics theories are inherently mathematical. The words are just an imperfect description.
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