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Undergrad math at Williams College?

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    I've heard a lot of people say that the undergrad math at Williams College is good, especially their faculty being comparable to the top universities in the country.

    True? I would love opinions from people who actually went there or know of people who went there.
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    I grew up in Williamstown, have fond memories of the town and college, and back in the day they had very good professors, I am sure by now you have done a quick google search and seen that there are many good math professors. I found this http://www.ams.org/programs/students/undergrad/emp-reu" [Broken] for summer study to get a feel for the place. IMHO you won't find a more beautiful place to study, mountains surround you on three sides, beautiful in the fall, good skiing, snow boarding in the winter, Tanglewood for concerts right down the road, good fishing.... I could go on and on. Thanks for bringing up fond memories, I didn't attend Williams, but know of more than a few who did and with friendships and networks developed there have served them well in the "real world". Good luck... Feel free to PM me if you have more questions about the area, I know it very well.



    P.S. Just took a quick look at your profile, don't know how long you have lived in the LA area, but the Berkshires/Williamstown may be somewhat of a culture shock for you, unless you like a retro, slower pace, that part of the place has not changed. Something to think about.
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    It's a good program, the teaching will be great; however, the scope of classes and breadth of faculty interests is not anywhere close to what you will find at a bigger university. The issue is that those universities will also likely not have anywhere close to the caliber of teaching (unless you hunt it down in specific faculty).

    I think Williams will be good if you want a liberal arts education and want strong math classes (though not an expansive selection of advanced classes) and great teaching.
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