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Undergrad research professor choice

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    I am on exchange at a university where there are not a lot of students fighting for undergrad research positions, so I have pretty much any pick I want in what group I want to join, coupled with the fact that I go to a famous University makes professors to want to have me on their team. The sad part is, the professors who research in areas that I like are adjunct faculty. There is one professor here in particular who is very famous in my field and is one of the most cited professors of his kind. However, I am not super crazy about his research. I don't dislike it, but I'm not particularly excited about it, more just neutral towards it.

    If I have aspirations for grad school, should I just go with the most famous professor and deal with the fact that I am not crazy about his research, or go with a lesser known adjunct faculty who has interesting research (I have to go to a government lab ~1 hour commute just to get to the adjunct's lab) vs. research at the university? The hope of course is that I can get a letter of recommendation from the professor that I ultimately work with for graduate school.
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    Well if he's so famous will he even see you around? My own opinion is to go with the research you like and then you'll ahow some passion for it later on.
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    Do the research project you're most interested in.

    The content of a reference letter is more important than the qualified person it comes from.
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