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Understand the two doubly degenerate mode of D4h symmetry

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    Hello all,
    This is not a homework problem. Just to understand the two doubly degenerate mode of D4h symmetry i wanted to make sample calculation. Pt in the middle of a square formed by 4 Cl atoms. PtCl4 has square planar structure (AB4) molecule.
    1. What is the whole charge of PtCl4 ? Is this [tex]-2[/tex] ?
    2. Multiplicity of Pt ? Multiplicity = [2S+1] where S is spin state of Pt.
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    Re: platinum-chlorine

    That would naturally depend on which oxidation state of platinum you're interested in. But since the [PtCl4]2- ion is well-known, I'm assuming that's the one you want. It has a closed-shell singlet ground-state.
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    Re: platinum-chlorine

    So multiplicity is 1? please give the number!
    Because nobody knows about the vibrational picture of the partners of the two degenerate Eu modes. I need to find how it vibrates.
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