Understanding and Creating an O-C Diagram

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    I am doing research and I was told that I need to create an O-C diagram for an eclipsing binary. Unfortunately, I haven't been given too much instruction on how to do this. Right now, all I have are minimum times of light, the period of the system, and cycle numbers. I know that O-C is observed minus calculated, but I am not sure what is observed and what is calculated. All that I do know is that O-C is measured in days. Also, I am not sure what to put on the vertical axis (I saw that some O-C diagrams have JDs). Thanks for your help. I am extremely new at the research process.
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  4. Thank you. My adviser explained it more to me, and this helped!
  5. So maybe I do not know what I am doing. My graph's are not turning out the way they should. What I did was find a calculated HJD by using the period of my graph, the cycle number that I found, and the HJDnaught. I did in fact get mostly different HJD calculated than HJD observed, but they do not match O-C numbers that other people have previously published... My problem is that some of the O-C numbers are not published so I have to find them.
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