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Understanding curvature tensor equation

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    I am trying to understand the meaning of the following equation in the simplest way possible

    https://public.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pWwu86vlTmLHRY35RBhm3I55eYrMWCtWPmdVjAM807ltH2EfInsaFIBk6nCFhnIdwno9Mz4Oa4qWC8Zv9xND3KA/tensorp.png?psid=1 [Broken]

    thanks in advance
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    It should read [itex] A^\mu = g^{\mu \nu} A_\nu[/itex]

    Your original equation didn't have matching free indices.
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    thank you latentcorpse

    could you please explain the meaning of that equation
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