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Underwater Express power and propulsion

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    I am fascinated with the idea of supercavitating subs, and DARPA's underwater express program has caught my fancy. A sub that can go faster than 100 knots submerged, now that is too cool. I am curious as to speculation on how Electric Boat will power and propel the ship.
    The idea I personally like is to use the heat of a fission reactor to heat water to steam and shoot it out the back like a steam rocket. I suppose that an electric powered pump would suffice to pump water through the system. You could also use some of that steam for the cavitation bubble. I can't deciide how to make the cavitation bubble. Do you think that a simple washer type plate pushing through the water would be enough?
    My best guess as to a heatsink for this system would be to dump the waste hear into the water taken in by the propulsion system before it is heated by propulsion power. Or to dump the waste heat into the cavitation generator at the front of the boat to help form the bubble.
    I would like to hear your opinions on my idea and hear other ideas as to power and move this boat. Thanks, I look foward to your ideas.
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    Would the steam or hot water have environmental concerns?
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