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Homework Help: Uniform circular motion question

  1. Apr 8, 2012 #1
    A ball of mass m is attached by two strings to a vertical rod. as shown above. The entire system rotates at constant angular velocity about the axis of the rod.
    a)Assuming ω is large enough to keep both strings taut, find the force each string exerts on the ball in terms of ω, m, g, R, and .
    b)Find the minimum angular velocity, ωmin for which the lower string barely remains taut.

    I have absolutely no idea where to start with this problem.
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    hi meowers! welcome to pf! :wink:

    apply good ol' Newton's second law twice, in the horizontal and vertical directions, to find the relationship between a g T1 and T2

    what do you get? :smile:
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