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Programs Universities with PHD programs in Quantum Information Theory

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    I will finish my Master studies in theoretical physics next year, and I want to do a PHD in Quantum Information (my main interest). I want to apply to universities in the UK and Germany (right now I restrict myself to these two countries). What are the universities you know of, that have Quantum Information projects for graduate students?

    I'll use this thread as a complementary source of info to my own internet search. :)
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    If you consider Germany, then you should definitely include Austria and Switzerland as well. There's no big difference between these countries.
    And they all go by the same system: As a PhD student, you're working for a specific professor and you'll have to apply directly to him, and not to the university itself. It's like a normal job.
    There are dozens of possibilities, most universities have someone working on QI. So the best way to find a professor would probably be to look at research papers and find out who's working on things you're interested in.

    As a starting point I think that at places like
    TU Munich, FU Berlin, Uni of Vienna, IQOQI Innsbruck, University of Geneva etc.
    there are some people who are quite well-known in this field. But you should also look into 'smaller' places, like TU Braunschweig and so on.
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    Thank you, I'll clearly go for all three of these countries. :)
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    I've never heard of "quantum information". I'm familiar with quantum computing, though.
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