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Schools University of Manchester or West Schotland?

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    Next year I will finish my masters in nuclear physics. I have the opportunity to go abroad as part of the European Erasmus programme. At this moment I'm considering three topics at either University of Manchester or University of West Schotland (Paisly). I know lots of people who went abroad for a semester so I have an idea what to expect in general.

    Is there anybody here who has experience with any of both universities?
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    Can you elaborate on that rather short statement? :p

    I'm also unable to find courses on both websites. They seem to interpret courses differently as degrees? I want to know what courses they have so that I can see if the programme might fit some of our courses.
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    Manchester certainly has the "recognition" factor going for it. If you apply to do postgrad work in this area, potential professors are likely to look kindly on someone who went to the same institution as Rutherford and Bohr!
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    University of Manchester is one of the most highly regarded universities in the UK. UWS doesn't really compare at all.

    (I'm a tad biased, but league tables, RAE and the 2010 physics Nobel prize back me up)
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    I hadn't actually looked at that. :p

    I really hope I will get the thesis at Manchester, because it's the most interesting topic (collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy on Fr). I had no idea Manchester was so highly regarded. I only knew Rutherford went there, but that's not really important years after his death.
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    The theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson, wrote an essay entitled "Manchester and Athens", in which he makes the claim, that these two cities were the most important to have ever existed in terms of contributions to civilization as a whole.
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    I found it. Thanks.
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