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Need career guidance for my masters in High Energy physics

  1. Jul 17, 2017 #1

    I am graduating next year from the Univeristy of Athens Greece as a physicist so a moment has come where I have to make a big decision.

    I have already chosen the path of Theoretical High energy physics and I am currently working on my thesis which focuses on Q.E.D.

    My first ambition is to continue my studies abroad in either a top univeristy in U.S.A. or Europe.
    The problem is that I am considered a top-10 student in my class but I have witnessed other colleagues of mine which had a better CV , G.P.A. and rank than me failed to be accepted in a programm at these top universities even with a great G.R.E. score
    So although my final goal is to study aboard I am thinking if it would be better for myself to do my masters here and than take the G.R.E. exam and potentially search for either a Doctoral or a Full program ( masters + Doc) abroad.

    I have to make this decision as soon as psoible, because if I choose to search studies abroad in the upcoming year I have to start studying for the G.R.E. exam.

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    One thing to consider is that just because other people with apparently better CVs haven't gotten into certain graduate programs, doesn't mean that you won't. It really pays to do your homework when applying to graduate programs. Some people just look at a web page and throw their name in the hat and what can happen when you do that is that you have no idea how many positions in that particular group are available. If they aren't taking anyone on that year, it doesn't matter how good you are. Some people use university ranking as their main (and even only) criteria for what programs to apply to. Unfortunately this strategy can often make them miss out on excellent research/training opportunities at other programs that don't score as high on the general ranking criteria, but may fit very well with the individual student and his or her goal.

    Is it possible to use the MSc program at your current school as a "backup" plan. Why not prepare for the GRE right away, apply to targeted graduate schools abroad, and apply to your own MSc program as well?
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