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University project for astrophysics

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    Hello guys,

    I really hope I came to the right section, since technically my topic involves not only astronomy, but also engineering, maths and so on. But anyway, let's get to the point.
    So we have to come up with some kind of a research(I'm second year applied physics student) which will be evaluated and will be a part of our final mark. I thought that it would be more interesting to do some real measurements instead of fully theoretical calculations, so here is my idea:

    Would it be possible to use homemade equipment to do some passive observation? For example, to observe Jupiters radio emissions and at least turn it into a sound(or any other kind of form that I could present to the professor) maybe? I already rejected the idea of emitting a radio signal into something and registering the reflection, because I think it would require to have a really powerful emitter and it would not be enough to have the one I could build at home.

    Thanks for all the ideas :)
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