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Unlocking a computer for network folder sharing

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    Hi folks,

    I'm interested in unlocking a computer for network folder sharing. After I installed ZoneAlarm for firewall, I haven't been able to open folders from the computer running it.

    "Locked" computer information:
    - Windows 7
    - ZoneAlarm (zones on Medium and all IP's of interest have firewall exceptions)

    I've exhausted my attempts to get this fixed and tried Google without success.

    I'd appreciate some help!

    Thank you so much
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    Have you checked your alerts and logs for denied access from the other computers?
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    Have you shared the folder out with the proper permissions? Are you on a domain?

    If you're getting a path not found or a denied message, your folder is most likely not shared properly. Try browsing to \\ip-address\c$, and you should be prompted for credentials. If not, something is still prohibiting network traffic.
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